Catalytic Debind



Elnik’s CD 3002 and CD 3045 are designed exclusively for the catalytic debinding of BASF Feedstock “Catamold®.”

The racks are designed so that a full load of trays fits exactly the same as in an Elnik MIM 3000 sintering furnace, allowing for parts to be staged on the Elnik MIM 3000 furnace trays and then Elnik Systems Catalytic Debinding Oven 3045be put into the debinding furnace, then the sintering furnace. This means that it is not necessary to handle or restage the parts.

The CD 3002 and CD 3045 ovens are controlled by a PLC uploaded from a computer.

While there are many possible combinations, only relevant process steps will be seen during the actual debind run. The computer uses Microsoft Excel to develop the profile program.

The main screen may also be used to turn on the acid pump, blower motor, nitrogen valves, and the burner when a program is not running. This permits easy verification of the values inputted for these items.

The use of a computer to drive the debinding oven results in many advantages. The trends for every run are stored automatically. This benefit is especially helpful in the aerospace, auto and medical industries, where maintaining records and transparency is necessary.

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