Water Cooling Systems



Elnik’s WC-305-ET is a water recirculating system, designed for cooling Elnik furnace water.

The unit consists of a 300 gallon stainless steel re-circulating tank for indoor installation with all necessary controls, plumbing, and an evaporative cooling tower for outdoor Elnik Systems Water Cooler WC-305-ET installation.

The WC-305-ET pumps the cold water from the lower portion of the tank to the furnace, while the warm water returns to the top of the tank.

When the water temperature of the re-circulating tank exceeds a settable level, the water is pumped to the evaporative tower and returns approximately 10°F to 15°F (-12°C to-9.5°C) cooler to the re-circulating tank, until the water temperature falls below the settable level again.

Water cooling is provided at the necessary volume and pressure for the Elnik furnace line.

Cooling duty: 45 GPM of water is cooled from 100°F to 80°F (37°C to 27°C) using a 75°F (24°C) wet bulb at 450 btu/hr (132 kw.)

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