Custom Furnaces



Elnik has extensive experience manufacturing specialized furnaces. One of the largest batch furnaces Elnik ever created, pictured to the right, was used for annealing and stress relieving of titanium structural parts.

The furnace can be used either under high vacuum or low partial pressure of flowing argon, offering flexibility for a wide variety of annealing process for specialty alloys. The furnace chamber is approximately 90 inches (2286 mm) in diameter by 144″ (3657.7 mm) long, and the useable load area is 40 inches wide (1016 mm) by 60 (1524 mm) high.

Its curved roof and bottom heating elements provide temperature uniformities of better than 12°F (approx. 6.5°C) at temperature between 1350 and 1500°F (730 and 815°C.)

The inside of the chamber is stainless steel with a mild steel outer shell and includes the necessary water cooling. The hot zone incorporates several layers of stainless steel heat shields with molybdenum heating elements, using a six-zone temperature control top and bottom for each section and door.

The absence of the scale and thin alpha cases save money and time in the alpha case-removal process and improve tolerances in the finished part.

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